Tips from ShoreLand'r
ShoreLand'r Trailering Tips

To get the most out of boating you have to get the most out of your trailer. That's why we've put together this list of tips to make life easier.

Free Boat U.S. Membership
Free BoatU.S. Membership

To protect you in the unlikely event of a breakdown, all ShoreLand’r trailers come with a FREE 90-day BoatU.S. Membership. It features over 26 benefits, including Trailer Assist and Tow and on-the-water towing services.

Limited Warranty
Five year plus limited warranty

For added peace of mind, our 5-year Plus Limited Warranty includes a 1-Year, Tongue-to-Taillight Warranty. Ask your dealer for details.

Brake Laws
Brake Laws

ShoreLand’r is the first major trailer manufacturer to have brakes standard on all trailers with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) at 3000 lb. and above.

Go that extra mile with ShoreLand'r

ShoreLand'r Advantages

ShoreLand’r goes above and beyond the competition in a number of key areas. These all add up to a trailer you can depend on year in and year out.

Schedule service and locate parts

Visit our service Center to register your trailer, find parts, or schedule a service appointment. Our professional team of experts will help keep your trailer hoin the extra mile.

Engineered for easy loading

Performance at the ramp

All you want to do is get in and get out… and look like a pro doing it. That’s precisely why ShoreLand’r trailers have an innovative support system, engineered to take the hassle out of launching and loading.

Roller Model Trailer

Roller models feature our Patented Roller Design. Specially designed rollers combined with our Patented Equiload System make your time at the ramp stress-free. During launching and loading, they self-adjust for maximum hull support and easier centering, even in strong currents and rough winds.

Patented Equiload System

If you prefer bunks, the Patented Equiload System uses self-adjusting bunks that pivot to evenly distribute the weight.

Superior finish options

Whether you choose our beautiful powder-coat finish or rugged galvanized, you’ll appreciate the extra care we put into making sure your trailer looks good for the long haul.

Powder-coated paint

Our special powder coating system provides more uniform coverage for a deep luster finish.

Arctic White available on 2300 lb. to 8000 lb. models

Diamond Black available on 2300 lb. to 8000 lb. models

Rugged Galvanized

Choose galvanized for maximum durability, 700 lb. to 8000 lb. capacity models are available with our optional hot-dipped galvanized finish.

Patented Equiload System

Finishes perfect for saltwater and fresh water

No other trailer stands up to the rigors and corrosive destruction of saltwater better than ShoreLand’r. Heavy-duty I-beam aluminum frames resist corrosion, with strong, galvanized steel crossmembers and a long list of ShoreLand’r features.