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Chicago Sports & RV Show
Chicago, IL | Jan 2017

Minneapolis Boat Show
Minneapolis, MN | Jan 2017

Toronto Boat Show
Toronto, ON | Jan 2017


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Buying a used boat? Check out the trailer before you buy!

If you’re in the market to buy a boat, chances are that you’ll consider a used boat instead of a new model. The good news is that there are plenty of bargains available for anyone interested in a used boat. However, the challenge to prospective buyers is making sure the boat, motor and trailer package they’re buying is a sound investment.

Handy Tips To Keep Your Boat Trailer Ready To Roll

If you’re a fisherman or boater, unless you live in the southern tier, the winter months can be frustrating. There is only so many times the tackle box can be organized and by now the fishing shows on TV are all reruns.

Handy Tips To Make Your Trailer Last

With summer just around the corner its time to start thinking about pulling out the boat and heading for the water. And before you head out the door, you’ll want to make sure everything is in good working order. Just like your boat, your trailer needs proper care to give you the performance you deserve.

Launching Dos and Don’ts to Save Time

If you’re like a lot of boaters heading to the lake this weekend, launching and retrieving your boat at the ramp can be the most difficult aspect — especially if the ramps are crowded and you have an audience. The key to stress-free launching is a combination of planning, coordination and a little practice.

Take a “Brake” for Towing Safety

Do you know the minimum safe stopping distance of your vehicle and boat trailer towing package? Are you familiar with your state’s trailering brake laws?

Trailer Brakes Are More Critical When Towing With Smaller, More Fuel Efficient Trucks and SUVs

Recent spikes in the price of gasoline have put the brakes to the sales of larger tow vehicles. However, boaters are still committed to visiting their favorite lakes this summer, and many have downsized to smaller, more fuel-efficient trucks and SUVs.